Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Well my first break from no meat as an experiment.

So today as an experiment I thought I would have a little meat not actually meat persay but had some canned tuna.  All I can say is man I wish I had not done it.  My stomach is doing the topsy/turvy and well I feel bogged down and well weak and the energy I had from the fruit I had for breakfast seems to have been used up to process this dead protein.  Needless to say my experiment was a success I can say for certain that cooked foods especially meats make you weak and tired and also make you feel ill.  So from this day forward meats is a BIG FAT NO for me.  This was a little temptation as well I will not lie to you I have always loved canned tuna but just so you know I did have it on some romaine lettuce with some salsa.  So I still had my raw with it.  Like I said I wanted to see how it would make me feel and I knew it wasn't going to be beef/pork/or chicken or some other kind of meat.  Fish in general is healthy for you so I figured this would be the most logical choice for this experiment. 

So for all of you other raw foodist's out there that know this and are probably saying you ate what
I say so what even raw foodists that have been doing this lifestyle for decades have eaten an egg or something because they had no other choice and felt their body could use the protein.   All I can say again this was a personal experiment for myself to see the after effects on my own body after consuming some kind of cooked dead flesh.

I actually would recommend it too alot of people who are transitioning to this diet to do it for yourself and see how bad this junk really is on your system.  Consider doing it though when you have taken all cooked foods out of your diet especially meats for atleast a month.  It has been a month and a half for me.

God Bless and Best Wishes.
Remember none of us mere mortals have the right to judge others that is left to our Heavenly Father and Creator.
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