Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Raw Foods The More You Eat Them The More you Crave Them

Truly this has been a journey the last few weeks.  I have eaten more fruits and veggies in the last few weeks then I probably ate in a few months in the past.  Though everyday that goes by makes me want to consume these wonderful fruits and veggies even more.  I know many people are probably saying this well except for the raw foodies how can you just eat primarily fruits and veggies, simply they give your body what it needs almost immediately.  Since your body doesn't to convert any of the properties of the fruits and veggies like it has to with meat proteins, your body is able to digest and use the amino acids, antioxidants, and other beneficial properties shortly after consumption.  Have you ever noticed how much energy you have after eating a piece of fruit or why so many people who exercise eat a piece of fruit right after their workout?.  The reason is because of everything I just said.  Fruits give and energy as well as replace energy that you may have used.   Then of course add some leafy greens like spinach or kale and you have the healing properties of the green foods one of the many reasons so many raw foodies love green smoothies and juices.   Really it is also the reason your body starts to crave these foods more and more because your body is finally getting the nutrients, minerals and other properties it needs to function properly.   It also starts to remove all the junk in your body removing a lot of the toxins that you ingested and by doing this makes you more sensitive to the toxins in meats, dairy, and processed foods therefore when you eat them after being raw for awhile your body is trying to reject them or at least making you feel a little nauseous  

A lot of raw foodies call raw the good living whole foods I also agree with this statement.  Like all the other posts I have written live this way lose weight, feel great and get your body back to a better you.  If you do not believe fast food and junk can kill watch Super Size Me and then say that.

Remember if you have acne or problem skin it is usually because your body is clogged full of crap which is making your kidneys and liver toxic and your skin outbreaks are a sign of this.  Put down the slice of pizza or box of New York Fries and grab a salad; and let those pounds fall off your waistline and make yourself feel great and also reduce your chances of that mid-life heart attack.

I have personally found that over the time I have started eating more and more fruits and veggies my body is pushing me towards them than anything else.  If your brain and your body are saying I want that it tastes good and your feeling great and full of energy and more focused why wouldn't you eat more and more of these life giving foods.  Wishing you all the best in your health goals and life plans.  God Bless.

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