Friday, March 18, 2011

Raw Hummus Recipe:

Now I know some of you are probably thinking what is so great about hummus.  Really do you actually have to ask that question.  Hummus is probably one of the tastiest dips/spreads on the planet and it is packed full of healthy fats, protein, fiber.  Then put on top of that the versatility of this concoction there are endless types of hummus that can be made.  Start with the original version of hummus as a starter/base then the flavour implications are mind boggling.  If you like creamy and want some extra healthy fats throw in an avocado and this also helps to drop the amount of olive oil being used also helps if you have made it too runny.  If you like fire breath add some hot peppers/or sprinkle some cayenne or chili flakes, if your looking for more of an east indian style add some curry powder and some mango chunks.

Now that is just a sample there are so many so here are some of my favorite blends:

For my Greens Hummus: I add parsley and cilantro and some spinach this makes it almost like a spinach dip minus the animal based products that your average spinach dip has like mayonnaise,cream cheese, and sour cream.

For the Garlic Lovers Blend: add more garlic and extra cracked pepper,  (if your not raw use some roasted garlic). 

Mixed veggie varietie like carrots, broccoli, celery, red onion to increase the veggies in your families diet.
IT IS ALWAYS BEST TO MAKE YOUR OWN AND TO USE SPROUTED CHICK PEAS THEN YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING INTO IT NO SURPRISES.  DO NOT USE BASIC TABLE SALT ALWAYS TRY TO USE SEA SALT WHEN YOU NEED TOO USE IT TASTES BETTER AND NOT IODIZED.   I know the store bought is faster and less complicated and maybe it's creamier as well, though it is cooked and processed and contains all those unpronouncable preservatives and of course salt up the whazooo.  Sprouting dried chick peas is time consuming and the end product that can be used may take 3-5 days but all of the benefits are totally worth it.  DO NOT USE CANNED CHICK PEAS THESE ARE COOKED OF COURSE AND PACKED WITH EVEN MORE ADDED SALT.   IF YOU MUST USE COOKED BY THE DRIED CHICK PEAS SOAK THE AMOUNT YOU NEED OVERNIGHT THEN RINSE AND FOLLOW COOKING INSTRUCTIONS USUALLY ON BAG.

I hope you will try hummus if you haven't already and get your kids hooked on this yummy dip instead of those mayo or milk based varieties.  Really what can I say the first time I tried this delicious concoction my tastebuds went crazy in a very excited way.
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