Friday, March 18, 2011

Drastic Surgeries for WeightLoss

Why is it that Dr's have no problem sewing someone's stomach or some other procedure to limit food intake at a obscene cost to the average person.  Though many Dr's seem to have the problem with just telliing there clients to get off their butts and hit the gym and stop eating all the greasy fat laden foods and have some salad instead or fresh fruits and veggies.  I have theory behind this I believe that most Dr's realize that they would most likely be going out of business or have limited clietele if they told their patients that eating raws fruits and veggies and getting rid of meats, dairy and, refined bread products could extend their life and make them healthier.  If they were to do this then the other big corporations around the planet like the FAST FOOD INDUSTRY, DAIRY FARMERS, MEAT PRODUCERS, WAREHOUSE BAKERIES, PROCESSED FOOD DISTRIBUTERS, AND OF COURSE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES  WOULD BE LOSING BILLIONS IN REVENUE.  Also the Dr's themselves would not be getting rich taking care of the ill since there be no need for mainstream healthcare because everyone would be strong, healthy, and off most major medications since most of the illnesses big and small can be contributed to the foods we eat or the lack of the ones we should be consuming.

So think of this if third world countries and cultures all over the world have been living without a major health care source do you know the reason for this it has been researched and most of these small communities live off the land meaning they are eating local fruits and vegetables that and are organically grown and are free from pesticides that are still widely used in big corporate farms.

So if society can look and see that these people living very sheltered lives and away from the general reality/and influences of corporate greed in North American Living,  and are striving and living longer then most of the planet should we not all take notice of this and maybe take some ideas from these people and places.

Just my opinion though in reality I think if we were to consider getting rid of the fast food restaurants on this planet we call home and replace them with healthy alternatives like RAW CAFEs, Restaurants, and Green Juice/Smoothie Bars we would see a huge difference in the quality of life and a reverse of many illnesses that are affecting the general population for example diabetes, obesity, KIDNEY AND ORGAN FAILURE and even CANCER.

God Bless.
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