Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vanity we are a Society Obsessed with our Looks why not consider what is inside instead of the outside for a change?.

All we ever hear about especially in the tabloids and spackled all over the tv waves is plastic surgery and this celebrity did this and Extreme makeovers etc.  Seriously it is really pathetic and sad to see how rich all of these Dr's are getting by nipping, tucking, sucking, repositioning stuff etc.  All the while the patient is probably dying on the inside.  Really if most of society were to fixate on the positives of living a cleaner life, eating healthier and colonics and other avenues of making your inners look and feel as good as the outerself we would see far less health problems. 

Really we hear about the plastic surgeries so many people go through and then what do we hear the horror stories and the mistakes a person has made.  Like oh why did I do this I have screwed up my looks, I will never look the way I did, or my mom won't recognize me. 
Really if everyone looking at getting plastic surgery were to look at changing their lifestyle first and instead of taking the easy way out and getting Liposuction or a tummy tuck hit the gym and work it off.   Unless however it is leftover tissue from rapid weight loss or a major skin graph for a burn injury and the only way to get rid of this would be plastic surgery then that I feel this is a needed procedure and you should go for it.  

I'm talking about the celebrities and the rich that already have great figures and feel they need to go spend money on some liposuction or some other surgery because they are too lazy to go do some exercise or they think they need to get something done because all of their friends are doing it or just cannot handle the reality of aging.

In actual fact we all age this is a reality yes these are ways to hide the natural aging process but our insides are still aging so even if you look like your 30-40yrs old your body is 50-60yrs old.  So would it not be more important to consider what you eat or drink to keep your organs functioning the best way possible instead of what your face/body may look like. 

If you research it more and more many people have made the claim that the raw food lifestyle is, anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-illness, and healing/detoxing so would this not.

So if you could just make a few simple changes in your life increase the amounts of fruits and veggies you consume and remove all the meats, dairy, and processed/cooked foods from your diet, and by doing this you put the aging process in reverse,  and also lose some of those unwanted pounds would you not consider this before drastic surgery?.

Now I know some of you who may be reading this are saying really why would I do this when I can just go into a plastic surgeon and say remove this and that, suck this, tuck that, etc.  Because you will be doing the exact same thing a few years down the road.  Instead of actually finding a way to lose some weight naturally and getting into an exercise routine the work that you had done will soon enough return.  Making changes in your lifestyle meaning what you eat/exercise is the only sure fire way to combat weight, stay healthy,  and keep yourself young.

Look at all the studies of healthy older men and woman know what there secret is The Raw Food Lifestyle living illness free, and healthy in their 70's and 80's with the strength of a person 30yrs younger.  So if that doesn't speak volumes to what you can achieve living a cleaner raw food lifestyle I do not know what will.

 I guess you must be someone that just like's taking the easy way out continue going to your surgeon getting procedure after procedure and sucked and tucked every few years who am I too tell you otherwise except it only takes one procedure that you may not wake up.

For myself I would rather stay very far away from any surgery really people DIE having plastic surgery procedures or other weight loss procedures.  Why do you think plastic surgeons have super high charges to cover the malpractice insurance if anything should ever go wrong?.

So the next time your running off to your plastic surgeon consider going to get a colonic instead and maybe some wheatgrass juice or a green smoothie heal your insides because if your rotting away on the inside what does it really matter what you may look like on the outside.

God Bless,  Start Your total body transformation today KICK the COOKED for GOOD or atleast start consuming more fresh organic fruits and veggies and other superfoods like Goji Berries.

This by no means relays that I'm judging anyone or telling anyone what they should do it simply is a way I personally feel.  I have already had so many awesome changes in my own life living this way I'm just trying to spread the word.  Come on people weight loss is easy if you only consider getting rid of all the junk.

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