Saturday, March 19, 2011

A New Addition to Our Animal Family.

Your probably wondering what I'm talking about with this title well like my blog says this is also about my life.  Well yesterday my wife called me up at work told me my wonderful mother in-law put a dwarf hamster on hold at the local pet store for us.  Well I was like what like we need another animal in the house.  I did not see the little fur ball until after my workout yesterday afternoon when my wife picked me up after buying it.  Well all I can say is he was the cutest little ball of fluff I had ever seen well next to my big shepard when she was a puppy .  Plus also finding out these are extremely clean animals and can actually deter mice from entering your home and living in the country this was quite a good selling point to me as well.  We have named him Chico it kind of suited him.  I have owned teddy bear hamsters growing up as a kid but if you have never seen a dwarf hamster check them out.  These are not your average hand holding types of hamsters more of watch and just enjoy them they are very active and quite playful and of course they are so very cute.  I guess you could say they are an adult hamster not a kids pet unless you have a child that is okay not holding there pet.  If they want to pick it up and pet it etc. I would suggest your basic teddy bear hamster because trust me these little suckers are FAST.  Like I have also stated I love animals and have quite a few.  If I had the cash and more time I would probably have horses I have always loved horseback riding.

God Bless and may you have the love of an animal in your life a pet is known to keep you young and live longer and happier.  I know all my pets make me happy and yes I do feel younger having them.  If you have a pet you know that you could not have anything more loyal and loving and with dogs and even cats protective.

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