Sunday, March 20, 2011

How Infrared Saunas help with Detoxing and cleansing your skin.

One household item I have that I love and so does my wife and probably was the wisest purchase I have ever made is our infrared sauna,  I love this because on top of all the stress we have in life we also breathe alot of pollutants everyday and also many of us consume many toxins as well.  Atleast having this unit allows my wife and I to cleanse and detox ourselves every few days or everyday and costs next to nothing on the utilities since it is standard 120V plug not 240 like your traditional saunas.

With the infrared saunas they do not get as hot as your traditional saunas so you can sit in them longer to really get the benefits of a deep cleansing and penetrating detoxing sweat. 

Infrared saunas have elements that surround you rather then one heater that sits in a corner filling a room with heat.  BY having these heaters behind you and in front of you the FAR infrared waves that are omitted from these elements can penetrate the body up to 2-3" allowing the removal of toxins from within deep tissue areas and even out of the organs which in turns helps detox the body even faster.  In a traditional sauna however all your doing is sitting in a hot room sweating there is really no ultimate healing going on yes your sweating and your releasing some toxins in this process but NO where near the amount compared to infrared.   This is why if your trying to detox from the elements all around you and want to lose a little bit of weight as well I would highly recommend the purchase of a Infrared sauna.  Remember many of them are flooding the marketplace right now I have a few listed on my raw food astore which you can take a look at a link is at the top of this Blog Page on the left hand side ranging from many different prices and styles, your sure to find one that will fit your space and budget.  I would have to say having one of these really helps you cleanse your body  and also gives you a place to meditate.  It is very important to remove tension, daily stress as we all know not doing so will lead to many other health issues.  These units are also known for lowering blood pressures, cholestorol levels, and relieving pain and stiffness in joints and muscles.  Though if you do not believe me do your own research I'm speaking from personal experience.  Yes the initial cost is a lot for most families but look at the benefits they will totally outweigh the cost it will pay for itself in no time flat by making you healthier.  Consider how much money we spend on a vehicle that is bascially used to get from point A to B and really not much more, imagine buying something for a fraction of the cost and it makes you healthier would that not be beneficial?.

God Bless.

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