Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WOW The power of an Ounce of Green Juice.

Now from the title some fo you raw foodies know I'm talking about wheatgrass.  The power of this
stuff is amazing not only is an ounce of this green power juice equal to 2.5lbs of the best greens it is full of so many awesome beneficial properties.  To name a few this green cocktail is packed full of Chlorophyll, Enzymes, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and other health benefits that are just as amazing.  Now that is all well and good but WheatGrass juice is known to be more then just this,  drinking this juice or having capsules of wheatgrass powder has been known to reduce colon cancer risk, helps blood flow, improves digestion,  and is used all over the world in hospitals, clinics, and naturopathic remedies for it's detoxification capabilities from heavy metals, or toxins of rotting foods in our intestines or removing other harmful properties that the body may have inhaled or ingested.  We know that this grass has some amazing benefits but is still kind of off the radar for most of the general public and I highly doubt we will see a fastfood chain offering wheat grass shots anytime soon.  So all the raw foodies including myself keep enjoying this nectar from the gods and make it even tastier by mixing it with fresh coconut water.  I hope you have tried this delicious treat in most cases wheatgrass is sweet with a earthy tone to it.  Most juice bars and raw cafes/restaurants offer this drink in shots it is not cheap but when you compare what one shot is equivalent too it more then pays for itself.  Really we all have had to drink nasty cough medicine in our lives so if you could have a shot of something that has a nice taste and will blow the cough syrup out of the water based on its health benefits why not try this.  So next time your in a juice bar getting your favorite berrie or fruit concoction why not down a couple of shots before your smoothie arrives.

God Bless
P.S. Ever notice how stuff that is green is really healthy for us wheatgrass is as green as you can get, so go drink some.
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