Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fell off the RAW Wagon

Well I had  a feeling it was coming but will not last.  I work in community living and well made an awesome smelling beef stew for dinner for the two persons I take care of and well tasting some of the sauce of seasoning and such was too much for me to handle.  I had too have a bowl of this needless to say after having it I was like what did I do I hate this and I knnow it is just going to rot away inside me and all my ahrd work for almost the last two months not eating meat gone down the drain.  Well sue me I'm only human I've been a meat eating man for most of life and going raw even though it has been great and I'm going right back on my raw livestyle .  I'm also doing this as an experiment on how meats in general make you feel especially once eating raw for a period of time like my last experiment with tuna now this was with beef.  Same result though makes me feel all weak and sleepy doesn't  have the same boost of energy that some raw fruits and veggies will give ya.  I truly know now that raw is for me that these cooked meats and other cooked products just zap away your energy if I'm going to eat something for energy why would I want it too take away what energy I have already.  LIVING RAW JUST MAKES SENSE LOADS OF ENERGY AND NONE OF THIS SLEEPY WEAKNESS FEELING.

God Bless and for all my followers I'm also doing this too show you that not everyone is super human and that even when living mainly raw you may get over tempted to eat the meat/cooked.

Even though the stew tasted awesome I'm wishinh I would have said NO.  Plus there was really no salad greens or a lot of fruit and I was well hungry.

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