Saturday, March 26, 2011

Starting a Raw Food Lifestyle.

Now many people are considering starting this venture on there own be it for weight loss or the other health benefits that have been associated with this lifestyle change.  For myself being a lover of well all fruits and veggies none that I can think of that I have not liked although so many i have yet to try yet like Durian for instance scared of the supposed smell I guess you could say, though when I ate dairy I loved blue cheeses so maybe durian will be similar to that smells awful but tastes awesome.  Back to the title discussion if you love your fruits and veggies and are already a vegetarian or even a vegan a transformation to this lifestyle will be a lot easier for you.  Myself on the other hand I loved it all and still get tempted to sway from the path of RAW, when you have consumed the average diet for most of society like cooked meats, potatoes, and other starches and all of your veggies cooked as well except maybe salads it can become quite difficult to give up the foods you have acquired a taste for most of your life. 

Consider this look at a vehicle for instance and when we take that vehicle through a good quality car wash what does it do it cleans the under carriage and of course the whole outside.  Now why would it clean the undercarriage you may ask many know why but if you do not it is too get rid of the crud that could cause your paint to fail and also prolongs the bodys frame from rusting.  So if we do this for our vehicles why do most of not consider doing some internal care for ourselves a raw food diet is one way too start cleansing your insides.  

Really if your thinking of jumping to a challenge or making a huge lifestyle change to make yourself healthier or too lose some weight, consider this one before spending money on anymore weight loss clinics or other DIET gimmicks or god forbid surgery and then continue to eat a bunch of processed CRAP that will eventually kill you from the inside out. 

Your just going to reap reward after reward and the longer you do it the better you will feel and the more joy and energy you will have.  Really the first while may be hard for most of you but if you go with it and transition yourself slowly and use recipes that use stuff to mimick foods you like.

I know one of my favorites and is a great transition food is RAW chips and salsa first off make a salsa a food processor makes quick work of this, then come the chips I would recommend zuccini green/yellow and some cucumber if you like.  If you look at some of my other posts you will find recipe books and foods that will help you work this new lifestyle.

This can be done!!

When I started to venture near the 300lb mark I knew that I had to do something how much do you have to weigh before you say enough is enough.  Instead of sitting down and watching the Biggest Loser every week why not get off your butt and become one yourself. 

Really people it doesn't take a rocket scientist too see that we live in a world where obesity is at an extremely high level especially in North America and diabetes and other weight related illnesses are on a constant rise.  Lets put a stop to this say NO to Fast Food and Processed Junk Food, Dairy products, Wheat and Grain products, and iodized salt/refined sugars, and of course all processed juices, and sugar laden pops even diet.   POP HAS BEEN ASSOCIATED TO MOST OF THE OBESITY WE HAVE IN THIS WORLD AND ALSO THE INCREASE IN DIABETES AND OF COURSE ASPARTAME USED IN DIET DRINKS BEING ASSOCIATED TO CANCER why drink something when you know the aspects of it could be killing you?  DRINK MORE WATER.

Increase your RAW fruits and veggie intake TODAY and reap the benefits FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!! .

If you truly have given up on yourself and your loved ones why not go make funeral arrangements because obesity does kill and why not get one or two for your kids if your allowing them to live like yourself.  Really I'm not judging anyone I'm just pointing out the sad truth that a lot of PARENTS allow there kids to be obese and eat all the time and the parents who are also huge do not make any point of being a role model for change START MAKE THE CHANGE FOR YOURSELF AND LET YOUR KIDS SEE HOW AWESOME YOUR FEELING AND THE WEIGHT COMING OFF PLUS IF YOUR EATING THIS WAY YOUR KIDS DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE.


May God Bless You and open your mind to this option of change THAT WORKS!!!!!.
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