Thursday, May 26, 2011

Organic Produce and Products: Spend the Extra Money you may just be Saving Yourself..

Now many of us today still strya from buying organic simply becasue of the added cost.  I myself quite frankly am forced to eat the non-organic simply because the organic selection is quite sparse in northern BC.  If I could buy all organic I probably would simply put the fruits and veggies taste better when your trying to detox or live cleanier what would be the point of eating foods laden in pesticides and have been genetically modified.  On a serious note commercial foods are packed with more chemicals then nutrition to some degree now of course so of the fruits that suffer from getting loaded with toxins are the ones with the thin skins like strawberries, lettuces, and soft fruits like peaches, plums and nectarines.  In non commercial countries you can find organic foods everywhere simply because the farmers are not spraying chemicals on there crops.  We may have to apy a bit more for organic foods but when you consider the extra work that goes into harvesting organic foods the added cost is really not a big deal.  Consider everything else you may spend money on are you going to buy the clothes that are cheap and may only last a couple of months or are you going to spend the money and buy the name brand quality item the first time because you know that it will last a longtime.

Your going to buy the quality product well in food Organics is the quality product your not ingesting pesticides and other poisons/toxins you get to eat produce that is free from the poisons that may cause serious illness overtime.  Until society realizes that we all need to back the organic farms so commercial farms strat going organic we will not see a drop in the organic foods. 

In contrast though most organic items only cost maybe 10-20% more then you pesticide foods, wow quite similar to the difference in cheap and quality clothing or even electronics.

Really isn't your health worth an  extra 10- 20 dollars at the till?.

P.S. Do not listen to the skeptics that say there is NO difference because they are wrong if you were to place an organic piece of fruit next to a normal commercial fruit and then try them you will taste the pesticidess and chemical in the commercial fruit. 

Plus organic fruit having no pesticides or waxes or other coatings and such will rot quicker showing you that you are getting a truly exceptional piece of fruit, mother nature wants us too eat what she has prepared not something that has been sprayed and manipulated by commercial farming.

The Taste of ORGANIC FOODS IS TRULY SOMETHING YOU MUST EXPERIENCE FOR YOURSELF.  Even if you do not eat the fruits and veggies raw atleast your not feeding yourself and your family chemically altered foods.


God Bless and Best Wishes.
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