Saturday, June 11, 2011

Quit Smoking with PRAYER

This is going back a few years now though I felt I had to talk about this.  I smoked for almost 15 yrs had stopped here and there but most of the time I smoked for all those years.  I did not chain smoke but would easily go through a pack every three to four days so not even a heavy smoker.  I did however start feeling the health side effects hitting me so I knew stopping was something I needed to do for myself.  I started wheezing when I slept, I was having chest pains, heart palpatations, coughing almost regularly and sometimes would have black-out or a fainting type of feeling, and of course the nausea was apparent. 

I was going to a healing ministries conference with my wife just for the fun of it and while I was there I was talking to the nephew of the conference leader, and an older couple came up behind us since they had known the person I was speaking too being part of the worship/prayer leaders team.  I had just finished a smoke roughly five minutes prior to this and well the older lady mentioned she could smell smoke but not reg. smoke more like cigarettes she said she knew this because she had smoked in the past.  Well of course I mentioned it was probably myself having just finished one.  They asked if I ever wanted to quit.  I mentioned I did and had tried many times in the past but nothing worked.  Then then asked if I would like prayer over the addiction.  Well I know God is powerful and here are some people representing the power of the heavenly father I said sure lets do it.  So standing in a circle just the four of us they started praying over me and asking god to remove this addiction from me and that I would no longer have cravings for cigarettes and the smell would make me sick feeling.  Well all I can say is on that day over 4yrs ago now I was completely smoke free.  Also that to this day the smell of cigarettes makes me want to throw-up.  So all I can say is prayer can work miracles because being smoke free for all of these years now I'm healthier now then I have ever been.   I do attribute my mainly raw food lifestyle and new zest for exercise to most of this.  I would probably not even be living this way though if I was still smoking how can you live a clean life while still puffing away makes no sense to me anyways?.

So if you are a believer and have some faith in prayer and have been battling the ill fated cancer sticks
then look to some healing ministries and maybe consider getting prayer for your addiction.  I'm not going to say it will work for you but if you have tried everything else and it has failed why not try this.

P.S I'm not the only one that has been delivered from this death habit by prayer.

God Bless and Best Wishes.  
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