Wednesday, June 8, 2011


With a lot of the research I have done I have come across many people that say in many different lifestyle/diet choices that the main way to lose weight is to lose all FAST FOOD, processed foods, grain products, and animal products.  Now I mean this may sound a bit harsh but if you look at the average family what is the majority of society consuming: High Fat, high sugar and salt processed foods, tons of meat and other animal products such as cheese and milk. and then of course all of the bread and grain products that range from well bread, pasta, cakes, cookies, pastries, muffins, cereal hot and cold, tortillas, pizza dough, buns, well you get the point.  The problem with this is our bodies are not designed to digest any of this crap.   Now corporations and nutritionists are pushing whole grains not realizing that these are higher in calories and even harder to digest then reg w/w bread products.  why do you suppose you see people actually getting fatter and more obese because they think they are eating the so-called healthy foods when in fact they are eating higher calorie harder to digest whole grains.  If you do not believe me do your own research and you will see that your average multi-grain or whole grain bagel or piece of bread has higher calorie value when compared to a  piece of whole wheat bread or a whole wheat bagel plus these tend to have a lot more fat involved as well as the grains soak up so much fat they must use extra to keep the bread nice and dense and moist.

So really if you want to ditch the spare tire, finally beat the battle of the bulge.  Then my advice to you is lay off the bread products or stop eating them all together especially the pastas these are weight gain central and at least reduce the animal products until you can say goodbye for good. 
THE BIGGEST THOUGH STAY AWAY FROM FAST FOOD!! Consider this the next time your thinking of hitting a McDonalds drive by a funeral home or look at the example your showing your kids seriously do you want your now thin kids following in your foot steps if your obese and having the ridicule and name calling you may have had?!!!!!!!!!.

Seriously if you were able to ask your favorite celebrity what they ate to gain weight for a role they were going to portray they would say lots of breads, pasta, and ice cream or other dairy products such as cheese and FAST FOOD. 

So if you knew this is what they ate to gain the weight why not stop eating this stuff to lose weight makes sense doesn't it?.

Peace, God Bless I'm just here spreading the word of health and clean living with raw fruits and veggies and lots of water.
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