Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Saucony Triumph 7's: Oh Man Do These New Runners Rock!!!

Well my runners had bit the dust and I desperately needed a new pair after researching some sites on running in general and then looking for some of the best shoes recommended for supinators.  If your not aware what this is it is the opposite of overpronation you foot tends to roll outwards rather then inwards and you tend to wear the outside soles of the shoe.  Anyways I had a few to choose from but like any shoe store you go to they will noly  have a couple of the ones they recommend.  I was lucky I had a pair of Asic Cumulus 12's to try out and some Saucony Triumph 7's.  I first tried on the Saucony's as I was already wearing another pair of Saucony's and I liked the fit and finish of these ones, needless to say these shoes did not disappoint nice feel, tons of cushion, and great traction for running on a track on pavement or doing some cross training I guess you could say a great multi sport shoe.  I next tried the Asics with a 40 dollar price increase I was looking towards the Sauconys which were on sale for 109.00 reg. 169.00 these shoes well they were over cushioned it actually felt like I put a pillow on my foot they just felt strange and running in them felt ackward.  So they Sauconys of course were sold I tried them out today at the gym and wow these shoes are simply amazing they help my gait I feel lighter in my footing and I have no pain in the shins when I run they also work all around for everything else be it the treadmill, elliptical trainer or simply walking around to do some weight training.  I would totally recommend these shoes to anyone that has a supination problem it may just be the fix you need rather then shelling out hundreds of dollars on orthotics check these out first.

Again they were Saucony ProGrid Triumph 7's these were in the top 5 shoes recommended for runners that supinate.  However you may only be able to find the Saucony Triumph 8's they have taken over for the sevens.  I have a link in my fitness section for Finishline Sports that have a huge selection of anything you may have been looking for from shoes to apparel.
God Bless and Peace.
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