Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Smoothie Recipe: Tropical Fruit Smoothie

This has too be one of my favorites and incorporates many fruits to make this incredibly tasty concoction you will need:

Fruit from 2 mangos
Fruit from 1/2 papaya
1/2 cup pineapple or a quarter of a pineapple do not used CANNED.
water and meat from one coconut
1 cup ice
1/2 cup almond milk

Alternatives:  Instead of the almond milk and coconut water and meat you could substitute some homemade coconut almond yogurt.

Then of course the easy part place all of the ingredients in a blender and pulse until the whole concoction starts blending stick it on high and liquefy.  Natural healthy fats from the coconut and almonds and of course the protein from the almonds as well this would make an awesome breakfast smoothie or a post work-out snack.  This one is a non-green smoothie as sometimes you just need to have a smoothie that tastes great and looks well normal and not like some kind of radioactive pond scum.  Anyways I hope you'll give this a try and see for yourself how yummy it really is.  The almond milk also gives it that creaminess that you would use yogurt for also one of the reasons I have incorporated this video from The Liferegenerator Dan McDonald on making Coconut Almond Yogurt from scratch if you love yogurt but want to get dairy out of your life this is a must.

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