Saturday, July 2, 2011

WILLPOWER: The Most Important Aspect to any LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!!

I'm writing this blog because I truly believe many people forget this one important factor in any change of lifestyle or setting a goal.  This factor can be a deciding one in many ways without it your doomed to some degree without enough the same occurs in truth it comes and goes in many of us and it is the spice to the fail or success in little changes we make in our lives.  Yes willpower is needed to change many things from quitting smoking,  getting into the gym, winning the battle of the bulge, and resisting temptations in life.  We need to look at our level of devotion to the changes we consider making and amount of commitment we are willing to place in these changes.  Then if we have the will to succeed then the rest is just patience and relying on yourself to stick with it and the goal your fighting for will eventually become a reality.  We  see so many people go apply to be on these reality shows some with a great talent to showcase or others that want to change their outer appearance and lose a great deal of weight.   All of these people had one thing in common they all had the willpower and the courage to fight for a placement on these shows or atleast to put there best foot forward.  Willpower and commitment go hand in hand well to some degree some would say that they had cold feet on there wedding day but the Willpower they had to marry the one they love overcame this feeling.   We have all said I want to do this or that but lack the willpower to succeed truly this is just an excuse many us just do not want to commit to the change like quitting smoking for instance or losing weight.  Simply put it comes down to the individual not wanting to give up somehting in there lives be it the controlling smokes or the decadent piece of cake or piece of pizza.  Really without willpower we would simply give up on everything we do so remember the next time you want to give up on your goal remember all the commitment and devotion you have already given the change and keep going.

God Bless and Best Wishes.    
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