Saturday, September 3, 2011

The New Bird an Escape Artist

Well this one is a longtime coming a few weeks back my wife and I found out our tiny budgie who has talked and sang for over a decade was very sick and the vet suggested to put him down.  Well as you can figure out from the title that we did not go without it for long my wife went and got another budgie shortly after this as our other birds seemed to be sad without the little chirp of the budgie in the room as we also have a two other birds.

Well we placed our new feathery friend in seclusion for a couple of weeks as they recommend this before introducing them to other birds.  Once we placed this new bird whom we named Sampson into the room with the other birds well needless to say everyone was quite vocal and happy about the addition. 
The funniest aspect of this bird though is he is quite an intelligent sucker as my wife and I sat spending time with them we had the Cockatiel out as he is hand tamed and well Sampson did not like this.  He was not too vocal but for the longest time he was climbing around the cage trying to find weak points and the small doors that move up/down.  He was actually trying to escape it was amazing to watch first off this bird is very young just a baby maybe 5 weeks old when we got him and here he is finding ways to escape from his cage.  If a bird at this young age was figuring out how to get out he will most likely make an easy go of it when he gets older which we will be keep a close eye on.

Birds are awesome yes some people have phobias or fears of birds I can sympathize with this if you do not however birds can make a great companion they sing, some talk, and most of them have crazy little antics that are one of kind and can keep you quite entertained.  Yes some will repeat words so at times if you are not careful what you say it may be repeated by the bird reason many birds have potty mouths. 

I was very saddened when we had too put the bird down simply said if you have pets instead of kids these are your kids and for me and the mrs. these are our pride and joy.  It's an honour and privilege to be a caregiver for God's animals and I'm very happy to say I have a large animal family. 

God Bless and Peace.
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