Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bananas: The Best One's to Buy.

Well we have all grown up choosing the perfect yellow banana, no brown spots or they were just left or turned into banana bread.  The only problem with this is much of society is throwing away or discarding the ripe bananas for the yellow or even green ones.  If only you knew that the bananas that have the nice brown spots and no green are the best bananas you can get your hands on.  Most fruits are harder to digest and eat when not ripe and bananas are no different as many of us know a green banana is bitter and not all that flavourful and will give your stomach a few twists and turns.  So the next time your shopping do not pass by the spotted bananas pick them up they are ripe flavorful and ready to consume why buy green bananas only to have to wait a week before they can be eaten.  Yes and of course the over ripes do not throw them out if you do not bake give them to someone who does they are going to be very happy and you may get a banana loaf out of it that you could turn around and give to a friend in trade for something else bardering it works wonders. 
P.S. remember to peel the over ripes before freezing may be a bit messy but a lot easier to this before they are frozen. 


You can also freeze banana's prior to over ripeness and use them in smoothies or if you have a auger style juicer with a blank plate this is how you would make banana ice cream.
God Bless and Peace.
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