Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hooked on Matcha

Well this past week and some I have been trying a bunch of straight tea varieties at my local David's tea since they have this awesome promotion going on.  Anyways on one of my trips to the store I was contemplating many things and someone mentioned the matcha.  Now for those of you who do not drink a lot of tea Matcha is a green tea powder made from green tea leaves of course, now with this you do not brew the matcha you place some in a bowl add some hot water and whisk with a special matcha whisk to remove the lumps and then add to a cup rinsing the bowl out with more water and adding this to the cup as well.  So in essence you are consuming the tea rather then just steeping it, this I found out gives you a long lasting power kick, yes green tea has caffiene in it but since the caffiene is really nothing compared to the health benefits and the caffiene in green tea works differently then coffees caffiene you do not have a sudden crash or the buzzy feeling.  My first walk down the matcha path I mixed it with another green tea from the selection called Dragonwell which is a fried, and pressed green tea leaf tea this was a great combination.  The next time I went in I was told about another matcha concoction that peaked my interest first off it was given the nickname at my store "The Incredible Hulk" it was a blend of Matcha and Chocolate Rocket needless to say it gave me a nice boost of energy and tasted great.

BENEFITS OF GREEN TEA:  antioxident rich, helps to curb appetite, increase metabolism aiding in weight loss, caffiene to help you kick coffee, powerful anti-cancer fighting properties, great detoxifier, helps fight disease and illness, MAKES A GREAT BEVERAGE!!!

Matcha has become a new staple for some of my tea concoctions, but many others I love will stay true to themselves just on there own.  The next time your in a gourmet tea place and have the opportunity to try Matcha I highly recommend however I will caution you once you try it you may become "HOOKED".

God Bless and Peace.
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