Friday, November 11, 2011

Combat the Fat Eat RAW

What can I say most every person on the planet has dealt with the issue of a belly be it just a little flab or the morbidly obese.  Even I have and still continue to battle with the belly bulge this is actually one of the reasons I started down the path of living mainly raw.  I have been a heavier set guy since I was 10yrs old and well almost hitting forty starts to make you think it is about time I dealt with this issue.  Now I'm not saying that being fat has not been hard on me I have been called names looked at in disgust people who are heavier know what I'm talking about.  I was lucky enough to find a person who loved me for me and she has also been my motivator in getting in shape for the first time in my life.  Yes I'm talking about my wife she is the lucky one having the high metabolism and has usually been about half my size.  Well all I can say is that with hard work and some dedication on my part I'm starting to tone my body knock off some pounds and be more energetic and full of joy.  I find that this Raw Food Lifestyle has been a life preserver thrown out to me in the high seas of obesity and it truly has set me free to lose the weight I want while enjoying some great fruits and veggies I have loved throughout my life and trying new ones as I continue on my raw journey.  

I have found a lifestyle that works for me and many others in this world that is healthy, full of benefits, aids in weightloss, curbs depression, great for anxiety, increase joy, energy, love, spiritual awareness and many illnesses that you may know you have or not.  It has also been labelled the Fountain of Youth or Anti-Aging Lifestyle.  So truly if you are finally tired of being fat, lazy and sick, get rid of all the junk in your cabinets, fridge, drawers, and any secret hiding spaces, and
start cleaning up your life.

God Bless and Peace
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