Friday, May 24, 2013

Kale and Mango Smoothie with Hemp Hearts

My Morning Smoothie concoction which ended up being quite the flavorful delight is as follows:
The ingredients I used for this were quite simple:

1 cup of Blueberries  I used frozen as the fresh ones are still quite pricy
1 Bunch of kale washed and remove the stems easier to blend
1 Banana/ use another if you want it sweeter
1 Mango I used a yellow sweeter ones or frozen chunks.
2-3 cups of water
3 tablespoons of Hemp Hearts
1 tsp of Honey

Optional flavor additions:
Cayenne Pepper for a little kick
lemon/lime juice for some zing

I placed this all in my blender and started pulsing and than just let it go this was a thick masterpiece which could easily take on some more water to extend it without changing the flavor all that much.

The kale of course was at the forefront of this drink but really with kale being as powerful in flavor as it is what doesn't it mask.   However with the level of health benefits it attributes to the human body the taste can easily be over looked.  However if your new to this way of life and trying the dark greens that you may have steered clear of in the past is something that scares you; you could always add another banana or even a few more blueberries to mask the strong flavor of the kale a little extra honey would also help.

 I for one have found the taste of kale potent like with other potent greens like swiss chard and collard greens; kale however has a taste all its own some people like it others hate it I for one have come to love it.  I have found that many foods that I disliked when I was a child I have come to crave even turnips as I bet some of you are going yuck.

I suppose as you age your taste buds also change and get more refined and veggies that once made us ill just looking at them could also change to the exact opposite.  It could also be attributed to an increase in raw fruits and veggies into your life which could also change the way things taste to something more palatable and tasty.  I have also come to find in my raw travels that turnip tastes better raw than cooked go ahead slice some turnip thin either by hand or machine and give it a try who knows you may just have gotten over something you hated as a kid and now can love them as an adult.  If your looking for that crunch to go with your greens than try turnip instead of carrot next time.

Kale is full of many nutrients that are body craves it is a highly alkalizing vegetable and also full of antioxidants, iron, fiber, chlorophyll, and many more to list;  than added the other items listed above including the super food hemp hearts  that are a great source of healthy fats and an awesome source of protein for all you macho non-vegan guys looking for a protein fix instead of meat hemp hearts are where it is at.  Not only do Hemp Hearts give you a great nutty flavor to anything you are putting them in or on top of they are probably one of the greatest foods available for us to consume try them for yourself and you will see they are quite tasty and a bit addictive.

This makes quite a lot of smoothie which can be slowly drank over the course of the morning or if you have a significant other they would probably love to indulge in this fruity concoction of health and well being.  This may be a bit potent for the young ones unless you were to add the items I suggested only you can judge for yourself the end flavor that works for you.  The more greens in your green smoothies equal less calories and more nutrients than those fruit filled smoothies.

Hoping your smoothie concoctions bring you the health and vitality they bring to my own life.

God Bless and Best Wishes.