Saturday, March 22, 2014

You Know What Food's Are Good for You.

We go throughout life eating things in the beginning given to us by our parents/guardians some of these things taste great like chocolate chip cookies, candy, and Fast Food.  We do not realize until later in life that  these so called great tasting foods are considered junk food, sugary poison, and the leading cause to our obesity epidemic.  We do however start to consume the foods we psychologically know are good for us but also know that some of them do not taste as good as those sugary processed foods of our pasts and therefore choose not to consume them.  Even myself as a teenager did not like certain veggies for instance brussel sprouts and turnips were very disgusting to me as I have gotten older however I love these veggies the flavors are incredible and my body is telling me that eat these and feel great.  I have really always loved fruits and most veggies never been a picky eater and sadly many kids are growing up as picky eaters because they are learning these traits from their parents. 

Getting back to the title topic we know when we eat a salad or have an apple or a bowl of fruit salad are bodies feel quenched and nourished and ready for action but when we eat fast food or some processed foods we feel lazy and tired basically lethargic.  If  we know this than why does most of society continue to eat foods that make them feel crappy and sleepy because of those two sinister ingredients found in processed foods around the globe that we have been using to enhance foods and make things taste better than they actually do yes salt/sugar.  Now I mean the processed and refined salts and sugars not the natural sea salts, and natural sugars found in fruits and veggies these are the good ones are bodies flourish with.  Now I'm not saying I'm perfect in any stretch of the imagination and right now have been in a bit of a lull with weight and eating properly.  I do still consume tons of fruits and veggies as in juices and smoothies and salads but I have been indulging in wine, and some cooked food.  I'm as you could say off the raw wagon right now but still want to address that giving your body the foods you know are good for you and trying to consume more raw fruits and veggies into your life; could mean the difference between living a great life and living a simple existence.

Raw fruits and veggies have the ability to heal the body in very profound ways people have even come forward with cancer being removed and other ailments vanishing altogether.  So if your ill or you no someone who is battling a sickness of any kind take them a green juice and some fresh fruit organic is best and help them on the road to recovery.

The truth of the matter is God the creator of everything around us created thousands of different varieties of fruits,vegetables, nutrient dense super foods, and herbs that need no cooking of an kind  to consume and  that are more than enough to sustain human life as we know it.  Meats,dairy, and processed wheat products are not needed to have a strong healthy body.  Fruits and veggies can give you all the energy and nutrition your body will ever require.  Not only will you sleep better, have more energy, and have less days of sickness if any at all, your body will burn off excess body fat in no time flat.  You can ask any Dr. that deals with obesity and gastric bypass and he will tell his patients to lose some weight before he will operate and do you know what he tells them eat your greens and lots of raw fruits and veggies this does not mean pie, cookies, jams or jellies but natural forms of foods unaltered no sugars added and of course uncooked this even means unpasteurized so if you can make your own fresh juices, and smoothies in your smoothies stay away from Dairy using alternatives is fine like fresh made coconut or almond milk or a combo of both.

If hospitals stopped serving over cooked slop to patients and instead bought some juicers and placed a lot of the elderly and terminally ill patients on green juices and salads with natural dressings they would see a huge improvement in the health of their patients and who knows even cancer vanishing.

What if this way of life is the fountain of youth we have all been searching for would you not want to give reversing the life cycle a chance.  Many people and Master Yogi's who live this way have labelled it the anti-aging lifestyle and also illness destroying and the obesity cure.

Instead of wasting anymore money on supplements and diet fads and machines why not just purchase a boat load of organic fruits and veggies and go on a juice cleanse today.  Changing your lifestyle is not an easy thing to do but just trying a green juice a day for say a week you'll see the extra energy you receive you will be like wow lets do more.

God Bless.