Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Awesome Juice Bar

Hi All:

So I took a recent trip to Kelowna BC in the heart of the Okanagan.  While I was there taking care of some business for my Uncle.  I started looking for something to consume and quench my thirst and my hunger.  I drove around town for a bit looking for something and ended up at Orchard Park Mall since I figured there had to be something I could find in this huge mall of shops and food choices.  I walked through the doors and saw the perfect place to quench my thirst and hunger a juice bar called Jugo Juice.  I scanned through their assortment of smoothies and other juice concoctions and than off to the side I saw what called to me one of their signature smoothies.

"The Mighty Kale"  as the name implies this concoction used kale as well as pineapple and other mixed fruits than blended to a think and velvety smooth slushy delight.

The kale was their but not overpowering as we all know the flavor of this nutritionally abundant green leafy vegetable is potent.

The portions of each ingredient were masterfully measured nothing overpowering anything else just a mixture of fruits and veggies that were tasty, refreshing and made my body feel invigorated and ready to take on the day.  I have found over time that one of the best breakfasts is simply a smoothie or a nice bowl of fruit salad;  not only does raw fruit have the nutritional aspects and amino acids our bodies require to function at their best they are chocked full of fiber and other antioxidants that help reduce illness especially cancer and gives us all the energy to seize the day.

 If you took the age expectancy test they have out nowadays like this one for instance at http://projectbiglife.ca the biggest change to increase your life expectancy is eating at least 5 or more serving s of fruit and vegetables a day this can take you from the average of 80 years to like 85yrs.

Now I'm not saying that exercise doesn't also increase these stats but fruits and veggies keep us healthy that is the simple truth so like I keep saying eat your fruit and veggies and live longer.

God Bless