Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Amazing Tea Experience-Kelowna BC.

Another great place for tea folks.

Like I mentioned in my last post about Kelowna after a destroyed the smoothie from Jugo Juice and ventured into the mall some more and took a gander at the shops; since I live in Northern BC the selection of shops compared to what I'm used too was insane.  I walked down many different hallways smelling scents from The Body Shoppe and Cinnabon and many other shops that these delightful and decadent smells were emanating.  Until I smelled something that was so devine I had to enter the shop.  The place was Teavana and the name sure lived up to the smells emanating from the teas lined on the wall and the brews of sample teas near the entrance.  There were concoction like Blood Orange Sorbet, Raspberry Balsammico, and one of the best smelling Earl Greys.  Coming from a David's Tea fan this place was competition for them the teas not only appeared and smelled fresh they were of exceptional quality.  I of course sampled the teas they had in the front of the small shop one was a blend of two of the teas yes the first two above mentioned and it was chilled to perfection with just a hint of raw sugar.  Of course once I tried this concoction I got some of each to bring home.  Tea of course is not for everyone you have tea drinkers and than you have coffee drinkers I prefer tea.  I have placed links for David's Tea and Teavana on the side of my blog for all you tea enthusiasts to grab tea online.

For your information I do not get money from David's Tea or Teavana I placed the links so people like myself can buy some awesome tea and get it delivered to their home, what better to calm a sinus issue or a sore throat than a calming cup of herbal tea.
God Bless.