Saturday, March 28, 2015

Explosive Tasting Smoothie with Chia Seeds and Blueberries

This was a fiber and protein rich taste sensation that started off with 2 cups of blueberries, followed by one small banana and than 2 cups of mixed spring greens.   The ones I used were a mixture of baby kale, baby Swiss chard and spinach from fresh express.  I simply used 3 cups of water for the liquid as why add more calories or use something else when water is our life force already.
 I also added approx. 2 tablespoons of Chia seeds at last minute this concoction.  Not only once blended did this have a nice thick almost pudding like consistency it was just yummy.  This made just over a liter of smoothie enough for a healthy lunch and some for the wife.  Having a smoothie or a salad everyday as well as different fruits and veggies has been something I have tried to do regularly for the last few years.  Even though I do not say I'm a vegan it is important to consume foods that are beneficial for us to eat.   Chia seeds pack a whole lot of nutrients and when added to other antioxidant rich foods like blueberries for instance in this smoothie your giving those cells that extra boost to keep sickness at bay and help you stay healthy.  Purple foods and greens for a double whammy you can never go wrong when you put these fruits and veggies together.  We all know that antioxidants help with the removal of free radicals which is a good thing as free radicals can increase the chances of cancer growth.  The Chia seeds are also a great source of fiber and Omega 3's so this helps flush out the toxins in our colon as well.  If you have yet to try these small seeds and not just to use to make some funky Chia pet but to eat as a gel or used in something else give them a shot got nothing to lose other than maybe some crap hanging on to the walls of your colon.  This is why I use the word explosive Chia seeds really help to clean you out.

God Bless and best wishes.

You can also use Chia seeds in many things as a thickener so if your looking for the raw puddings, jello like desserts this is what you need you can find them in seed form even at Costco these days and powder form in most health food stores;  although with a high powered blender or a coffee grinder make your own powder.  The seeds absorb 10x their size in liquid so they kind of resemble tapioca or fish eggs I think most would prefer the tapioca reference.  Many kids would probably love these especially of you got a young one who likes science experiments and stuff or tapioca pudding and your weaning off of dairy throw some of these in some coconut milk and your good to go stir them around slowly about 30 minutes later they will have absorbed a lot of the liquid and now your left with a coconut milk raw tapioca pudding.  Your child can watch as these little seeds thicken the coconut milk and turn it into a pudding.