Thursday, August 27, 2015

Juice for the Eyes and Skin

I made this the other day and not only did it taste great it is a wonderful juice for your eye and skin health full of vitamin C and other beneficial nutrients you cannot go wrong.

Get together
2 lbs of carrots preferably organic
 it sounds like a lot but not really when your juicing them,
3-4 oranges,
a chunk of ginger
one lemon
3 cups spinach
Other optional additions could be hot pepper, cilantro, parsley, kale, pineapple, mango, etc. 

Now I use a centrifugal juicer at this time until I get a auger style if you have a slow juicer go for it works best on the greens.  Anyways this turns into a nice sweet and tangy drink to not only give you some pep in your step but keeps your eyes healthy carotene rich foods are very important especially as we age and vitamin C is always a good thing to protect the body from illness.   Drink to your health and enjoy. 
Now juicing removes the pulp and fiber and some may say why would you want to do this; well when cleansing your body or just wanting the nutrient dense aspects of the fruit and veggies juicing is the best form.  Since the machine breaks down the fruits and veggies at a cellular level not only does this make it easier to digest the juice in question it also makes it more readily available for the body to utilize the properties of the produce in question.  Juices are also lower in calories since your not dealing with any of the pulp which is also a nice aspect.  Juices help to flush the body where is smoothies tend to weigh you down a bit to much fiber can be a bad thing.
Juices= Almost immediate Energy
Smoothies= Still give you energy but also may have you hitting the bathroom during your workout.  
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