Monday, October 19, 2015

Awesome Pumpkin & Fruit Juice MMMM!

Well we all know that fall is here to stay and the wonderful squash season is upon us many people look at Pumpkin and simply see something to carve for Halloween.  However this delicious squash has some amazing properties like other bright orange veggies it is full of carotene and of course a great source of fiber, vitamin C, A and E, and even iron.  This is a super food not only can this delectable vegetable be juiced, roasted, steamed, made into pies of course we all know that one but truly it is one amazing fruit so indulge today try having this in a smoothie, as a juice mixed with other fruits and even some spices for that Halloween treat.

Take one pumpkin cut in half after it is washed off of course scoop out seeds separate from the pulp these can be set aside to be dried in food dehydrator for a light snack.

3-4 cups of pumpkin one half of large pumpkin will make a lot of juice enough for 2 people easily.
2 apples
2 carrots
dash of cinnamon and nutmeg "optional"

Cutting peeled pumpkin in sizes small enough to fit in juicer chute depending on strength or style of juicer this may not work.

 I have a strong centrifugal style juicer my Breville Juice Fountain Elite.  I have heard many people say the auger style doesn't work well with getting juice from pumpkin can always use high speed blender and make smoothies or pudding.

After juicing or blending has been completed transfer to glasses and garnish with spices if so desired and enjoy.
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