Monday, October 19, 2015

Baja Salad also known as Southwest Salad YUMMMMMMMY.

Now this may not all be raw but all I can say is WOW!!!

I tried this salad mix from Costco the other day and it was great had some roasted pumpkin seeds for garnish, some dried corn kernels, and the dressing even though of course it was processed was some spicy avocado concoction that tasted great.

t was a combination of green cabbage, carrots,  kale, and radicchio.  Just very tasty.  So if your out and about and looking for something different and well tasty give it a shot for Costco it is actually on the small side so if its for your family grab 2-3 bags.  1 bag with some additions is a nice meal for 1-2 people.

For the Real Raw Experience omit the toppings and the dressing and use your own stuff for instance some peppers, tomatoes, and some spinach could easily be added to not only extend the mix but make it better.  For the dressing make your own with some avocado, chili flakes, olive oil or avocado oil or even better some organic coconut oil;  blend it up and drizzle over the salad.  You could take some corn off a cob and toss it in for that fiesta feel. 

Now of course for the people who know there way around the kitchen this would be easy enough to mix up.  But for those single people who hate to cook or just run out of time in their busy schedules and want a healthier alternative to the evening meal give this a try you will love it. and buy it again and again.  \

P.S. Would also work great for a lunch grab the bag and go.
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