Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Thordin the "Thordinator" BEARDED DRAGON

Well folks a new member of the family joined us over the Christmas season.  Even though I expressed to the wife I did not really want any more animals since we have already 2 dogs, cat and three birds of various sizes.  I'm glad she did not listen to me and went with a spontaneous purchase of my new Bearded Dragon and no less a 40 gallon aquarium with all the fixtures, starting foods etc.  I'm Scandinavian heritage so I thought of Thor and of course Odin and came up with his name it suits him quite well. 

The pictures are of my cute fella he is around 9.5months old just a juvenile has been shedding and growing lots appears he will be a big boy oh yeah.  His colors vary as the day goes he goes from a bright orange as seen here to sometimes a brownish tone when he is a bit cold or possibly stressed.  I have wanted one of these lizards for years and happy I now have one to care for;  as many of you know my animals are my kids so now 7 mouths to feed.   He loves many of the greens and fruits that I do so that is great however his favorites of course like many of the lizard families crickets are his food of choice and the occasional super worm.  I can watch him hunt crickets all the time it is very enjoyable you just want to see him sneak up and pounce on one.  He loves eating from my hand only after a short time of having him he loves blueberries and butternut squash.  It was funny I made up some fruit for him and the wife thought he hurt himself cause he had some raspberry and blackberry mush on his chin.   The next picture is him coming to say hello perched on his branch and rock cave.  Below that is him checking out the background that I just put on the back of the terrarium he was trying to climb the rocks he has come to realize they are just a picture pays them not much attention.  You see the other side of the background next to him it is double sided possibly in the future give it a shot but they are a desert lizard so the rocks fit. Next to his rock is his sleeping spot he loves his hammock.  We have the UVB and basking bulb and then a separate night time blue bulb for sleeping this does not hurt his eyes like the red bulbs can and seems to keep him comfy throughout the night.

I hope you all got something you really wanted for Christmas and were able to spend some quality time with loved ones and if not in person over a skype or some other form of digital communication or social media.
God Bless and Happy New Year.
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