Thursday, March 26, 2015

Power Greens, KALE, WHEATGRASS, DANDELION GREENS these are Superfoods!!!

I have written about recipes incorporating this nutrient,enzyme,mineral, protein, fiber rich green many times cause it seriously is so good for us to consume. 

Not only has it just come to light over the last few years as more vegans/vegetarians, chefs,  and raw foodies have been praising the benefits of this vegetable; prior to this it was simply used as a plate garnish and also many buffets used it as well. 
Yes I speak of Kale the king of greens in my opinion; and I would imagine many nutritionists and foodies would agree with me.  Now of course the most potent use of this green is raw. 
Like all our veggies and fruits they are best if not cooked. 

You see it in the mainstream now with smoothie bars, and used in salads. 

The baby kale mixed with spring greens being used in sleek restaurants and being used as a focal point than the side garnish its leaves are soft and pliable like spinach the flavor mild yet distinctive so you know when you crunch into it you know you have kale. 

You also have many different varieties you see the most common purple or curly leaf kale in the grocers; however you have monster leaf kale known as dinosaur kale to some this is harder to find unless you find the seeds and grow your own and lastly baby kale the jewel. 

All of the varieties except the baby have their own characteristics they all have the pungent flavor we all know about it is bitter and strong like dandelion greens another green super food. It is not sweet like a distant cousin wheat grass or the juice of tranquility and life: I for one love it. 

However you take some fresh squeezed citrus and some coconut oil and massage the kale it becomes soft and the acids help the fibers release that strong toughness similar to when you add salt to cabbage to make sauerkraut.  Toss in some of your favorite veggies like chopped tomatoes, cucumber, peppers hot or not or both maybe, mushrooms, maybe some red onion and a splash of extra virgin olive oil for some flavor or maybe avocado oil,  some fresh cracked pink salt and cracked pepper toss it up and your good to go. 

Do not be afraid of kale it may just be that green you fall in love with and it is very versatile and we all know the greener the better this is like spinach on steroids and has way more benefits of other veggies on the market.  Most stores you cannot find dandelion greens but most stores have kale and some have a few varieties not just one.  Truly if we all start eating kale the stores will bring more in why not eat something you know is super healthy and beneficial in so many ways. 

God Bless and Good Eats.